Just because you're not in the market to buy a house doesn't mean your not looking for a home, instead of just a rental. If your career or desires bring you to the Mid-town, East Sac or Park Communities of Sacramento, then you need to begin with Vintage Properties. We are dedicated to older properties that have character and charm. They aren't just boxes painted white where you store your belonging, they are havens where you can express who you are. They are places in which you can create your personal life style. We manage single homes, duplexes and apartments up to fifteen units. Vintage Properties believe that the esthetic time period of these older building should be kept intact. The paint is all custom colors and the fixtures are true to period. Our properties are always well maintained, fresh and clean. We have an excellent staff of maintenance personnel and vendors to handle any issue that may arise. We pride ourselves on a timely turnaround with maintenance problems, in most cases well within 24 hours. Even on the weekends we have an extreme maintenance emergency line, so you can always reach someone.

If this is your first time living in one of these older areas, or if you are coming from out of town or out of state, we try to have ample local information available to make your transition a comfortable one. If you have special interests or needs, let us know and we will do our best to get area information for you.

The application fee is $30.00 per person, eighteen years or over, for anyone that will reside in the home. We don't collect applications for days or weeks, the first one submitted for a property is processed to completion and approved or denied. Usually you will have an answer within 24 hours. Most properties are one-year leases, however we can make exceptions in some cases. The deposits are always the same as the rental amount and some of our properties will accept pets with a pet deposit and pet contract. We hope that you will look through our available homes and contract us if you would like to schedule an appointment to personally view the property. We always have applications with us for your convenience or you may download one from our website.

We offer equal opportunity housing to all applicants.
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